Vehicle register

Save your time and nerves, let us do the dirty work.

Registering a car in one's name is a three to six step procedure which can take anywhere between 5 hours to 6 months. The procedure is bureaucratic, confusing, and frustrating, even for locals. You may have fulfilled all the steps and have all the necessary documents, but still not succeed.

When does one need to visit the vehicle register?

 - When selling a car: owner de-registration
 - When buying a car: entitlement of a new owner
 - Importing a car: acquiring Czech reg. plates
 - Temporary/permanent discard of vehicle
 - Changing your initials (address, name)
 - Extension of registration validity
 - If the small car document is expired
 - When you lose any of the car document's

Price of individual acts includes mandatory fees.

Owner deregistration

1.500 czk

Owner registration

2.900 czk *

Registration of imported vehicle


Temp./perm. deregistration

1000 czk

Change of initials

1000 czk

Validity extension

1000 czk

Document duplicate

1500 czk

* includes mandatory vehicle evidence inspection and insurance

Acts at the register office are carried out in one day (2-3hours) and are hustle free, fee doesn't include 500,- collection and delivery service.