Sell my car

An average commission for buying and selling a car by a local bazaars is >30%.
For example; a car with a relative value of 100 000czk is bought out for 85 000czk and then sold for 115 000czk. The seller looses 30 000czk this is a classic lose win deal.

Because we are not a massive car dealer and we treat each case individually, our clients get the most out of the business.

We charge only 7% commission of the final sales price (min. 7 650czk). The higher the final price the higher profit for you and us = WIN / WIN deal.

Inclusive of the commission:

 - Car collection within Prague region
 - Car value estimation
 - General car check, small repairs, thorough cleaning int./ext.
 - Up to 10 advertisements in 5 different sites, newspaper
 - Meetings arrangement and negotiation
 - Administration: sales contr., advance contr., pow. of attorney
 - Deregistration at car register office
 - Insurance cancelation
 - Final sales report

What more, you can drive the car, while it is being advertised!