Find me a car

Our company specializes in individual targeting of a vehicle for the client. Be it a rickshaw or a brand new Bentley, thanks to our market knowledge and a wide portfolio of partners in the Czech republic and the EU we can find your car. The fee ranges from 3 - 3,5% for whole procedure.

Upon receiving the requirements, our team will hunt down cars meeting the requirements and send a detailed offer which includes clear pictures, car specifications, service history, number of owners and the price. Most of the cars we offer are directly from the first owner, have a complete original service book and were never involved in a serious accident.

 - Suitable vehicle search
 - Thorough technical check including paint thickness check, ECU diagnostics
 - Car history verification, VIN-detect, service history, mileage check
 - Contracts: purchase, advance, power of attorney
 - Act of purchase - negotiation, loan up to 50%
 - Mandatory insurance - calculation and contracting
 - New car evidence (imported cars)
 - Mandatory evidence control
 - Mandatory owner registration at register office


What are your priorities and preferences? Which of the folowing factors are the most important for you?

 - Reliability / Dependability
 - Safety Rating / Safety Features
 - Performance / Speed
 - Utility / Capacity
 - Operating Cost
 - Fuel Efficiency

Also consider how you intend to use your vehicle. Will it be a family vehicle, or a personal vehicle? Will it be used to commute to work? Long distances or short distances?

The more information we have, the better solution we can offer.