Car Inspector

Have you found a second hand car in a local autobazaar that suits your needs? Before committing to buy you should be aware of the following statistics.

75% of sold vehicles have a hidden technical problem
42% of second hand cars sold on the Czech market have altered (clocked) odometer
40% of sales contracts signed to the buyer's disadvantage
20% of cars sold have been involved in a serious collision
6% of used vehicles have false identity or are stolen
5% of cars are not in the ownership of the seller

Some other risks and common practices of local car bazaars/dealers...

Cars with inoperative airbags or other faulty safety feature, two cars welded into one, imported stolen cars, counterfeit service books and the list goes on and on... Is it worth the risk?

What is your probability to buy a car in the desired condition with clean history and without a future financial burden? Our car inspection service will minimize the risks of buying a fraud car.

Physical technical inspection (2 hours)

2.500 czk *

* incl. travel costs within Prague region, complete technical check, paint thickness test, ECU diagnostics (where applicable), ownership identification, car valuation. Extra service time 450czk/hour, traveling outside of Prague region 7,-czk/km.

What more, our mechanic is able to find most technical problems and give an estimate cost for fixing them. By this means the car value can be negotiated on the spot.