Park My Car

Welcome to your ultimate car concierge agent in the Czech Republic. Whether you are arriving from a foreign country, living here, or leaving for another country our company will ease up your troubles with acquiring, registering, mending and selling your vehicle.

What we offer:
 - Aid in buying/selling a vehicle
 - Vehicle due diligence
 - Importing a car from the EU
 - Bureaucratic, dreadful paperwork at vehicle registration bureau
 - Mandatory MOT inspection
 - Car rental
 - Regular car maintenance and service
 - Comprehensive insurance with 25% discount for our clients

We understand cars, we know the market, we understand your needs.

Our public relations program aims for the highest costumer satisfaction. Each client and each case is treated individually.

Contact us:

tel: +420 723 275 489
email: parkmycar@parkmycar.cz